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February 12, 2007

Tattler No More

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Due to not being able to get into Club Penguin anymore because they have made it so it is utterly impossible to some with dial up to do popup window activities (newspaper, catalogs…), I am quitting Club Penguin, which has not only become unable to play, but childish and annoying because I they censor out EVERYTHING and no one ever knows what I am saying >.>

Since I’m deleting my CP account, I have no need to have this blog, so I shall be deleting it. I hope if you became to relient on my site here for all of your penguin tips, you will use one of my affiliates blogs instead. Farewell.


February 5, 2007

Teddy Bear Pin

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To find the newest pin (a teddy bear), go to the cave, which can be accessed from the porthole in the plaza. The pin is in the middle of the pool. 

Feburary 2007 Catalog Secrets

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-To have the choice to buy the Night Vision Goggles for 1000 coins, click on the left Snow Shoe.

-If you want the Red Viking Helmet for 750 coins, you have to click on all the stars, one by one on the Star Necklace and then click on the helmet.

-If you want the Blue Viking Helmet for 1200 coins, click in and out of the Red Viking Helmet window 3 times.

-For the new and special Gold Viking Helmet for 1500 coins, get into the blue viking helmet box and then click on the Tiara.

-Click on the top of Backpack for the Newspaper Hat for 50 coins.

January 20, 2007

Party Talk: Fiesta!

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Here are some key, important parts of this partae…

-Check out all the awesome pinatas everywhere! THEY PWN!

-Free maracas in the nightclub.

-Dance practice on beach.

-Cocoa, lights, and fish grilling at dock.


New Pin: Cactus

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To get the new pin, you must go to the Coffee Shop. Then put your mouse over the pinata. Then CLICK the pinata. A cactus will fall to the ground. Then just go pick it up! ^_^

Igloo and Furniture Catalog Secrets For January 2007

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-Click on wood fish at bottom of grandfather clock for 5000 coin big screen TV

-Click on fire place logs to start a fire.


-Press the window of log cabin to purchase a Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo for the mere, price of 5000 coins.

-Click on the S in “Floor Removal Service” if you want to have the option to purchase the Snow Globe… which costs 3700 coins.

January 16, 2007

Back To Rubric

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I went way into January with my holiday layout, and now it’s time to switch back to good ol’ rubric. ^_^ Enjoy the familiarity.

By the way, I readded “CP Rumors” to our affy list, if you want to check that out.

Bai Bai!

January 8, 2007

The 5th Brought Us Catalog Secrets, A Pin, and AC!

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Sorry to be a bit late…I have been very busy lately, but here is the good word.

The catalog secrets for the new January clothing catalog, are as followed:

-Click on the paint bucket label on the first page, to have the option to buy a red viking helmet for 750 coins. Click on, and out of it three more times to buy the blue viking helmet for 1200 coins.

-For the Magenta Scarf, 150 coins, you need to click on the Blue Hockey Jersey.

The New Pin:

It is an apple! It can be found in the pizza parlor near the piano.

AC? Air Conditioner! I just recently checked out the lodge attic, to find it buried in snow, and being kept cool by an air conditioner. (I know I probably spelled conditioner wrong but I don’t have time to spell check >.<)

Be sure to keep those helpful comments coming! 😉

January 1, 2007

A Club Penguin New Years!

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WOW, This has been a wonderful year for club penguin. In fact, it’s been the best year yet! From the amazing western party, to the beach party. To the missing instruments, to the lightbulb search. The Birthday Bash to the members only color party, it’s been a spectacular year, and what would be a better way to kick off the NEW year with something never seen before by club penguiners? Yes, a bright light display of fireworks is being shown at the Mountain and the Iceburg. Check them out! ^_^

Now, I also want this to be a comment board for your wonderful new years resolutions! Just tell your fellow CPers exactly what you hope to bravely accomplish this year. My resolution? “No more fast food.” Yes, dear readers, not a bite of fast food shall pass these lips until 2008. My only problem will be people who are so small minded, they will think I am a alien to be not eating the disgusting heaps of processed fat and sugar. I will promptly respond by passing them a complimentary copy of the movie, “Supersize Me”.

I bid you good day, and a wonderful new year! ^_^

December 23, 2006

Party Blabbin: Christmas 2006

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Gimmie a w00t w00t! Christmas is here, and that brings not only peace on earth, but a myriad of surprises on Club Penguin! ^_^ From the giant sleigh at the snow forts, to the huge christmas tree at the plaza, to the ice skating rink at the docks, this was BY FAR the best Club Penguin party yet (that I’ve been around for). Yes, fellow members, I believe this party exceeded the sports party, color party, birthday party, and halloween party, by a LONG LONG ways. Anyways…lets get down to buisness. You can find the free Santa Hat at the snow forts. Ho ho ho! You can find the Santa Beards in the plaza. You can find the new pin, (a candy cane), at the nightclub.


December 21, 2006

New Layout Fresh For The Holidays!

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I love this new layout….so I’m going to use it while winter is still going on….I’ll go back to my personal favorite (Rubric), soon though!

Careful! Thin Ice is OUT!

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“Thin Ice” the well awaited arcade game is OUT! You can find in it the Dance Lounge, on the left side of the room. Enjoy! 😉

December 17, 2006

Igloo Catalog Error

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Sorry everyone! There is indeed a secret in the igloo catalog. Click the word SNOW in the word snowglobe igloo if you want to purchase a secret stone igloo for 2000 coins! 😉

Christmas Pin! (Not so secret)

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This pin isn’t very secret! Just choose your favorite ornament from the 4 shown in the newspaper, click on it, buy it (50 coins), and you get a christmas tree pin! ^_^

December 16, 2006

Dec/Jan Furniture Catalog Secrets

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-Click on logs in fire if you would like to purchase a wood stove for 900 coins.

-Click on fish engraving on grandfather clock to buy a big screen TV for 5000 coins.

No secrets in igloo catalog this time! 😦

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