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November 28, 2006

Ice Fishing Secret

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How to Catch Big Fish: Keep the last little fish you caught in the water, until he comes, and the big fish will eat the little fish and you’ve CAUGHT ‘IM!

P.S. My computer won’t load mission, I keep trying, but it’ll take awhile till I’m lucky enough for it to do so. I am sorry, but my mission guide might be a few days late.


November 27, 2006

New Pin!

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Sorry that this was kinda late! The color party hubabaloo made this hard to remember! 😛

The new pin is a lifesaver (not the candy! ^_^), and it can be located at the lighthouse, on the stairs. Enjoy!

I would also like to say I’m sorry for all the mean notes posted on “Club Penguin Secrets”, icyfresh2’s CP board, and I can assure you it shall never happen again.

November 25, 2006


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w00t w00t! Who doesn’t like nubbing? Who doesn’t want to know how?

Well, it’s simple, and step by step!

1. (it’s totally safe!)

2. Log in like normal.

3. Press F11

4. Click the white bar at the bottom. BANG! You’re “nubbin” like you’ve seen all your friends do!

Newspaper Secret Agent Secret Message!

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Okay, I had to bring this to you guys as FAST as I could. Now, I don’t know if you guys are  allowed to do this if you aren’t secret agents, since I am, but in the newspaper, if you go to Aunt Arctic, you’ll find a pic of a penguin holding a top secret file. CLICK ON THAT FILE! You’ll be shown a secret message. You COULD decode it, but that takes to long (trust me, I did). Instead, look here here for what it says.


Now, if you aren’t an agent, you probvably don’t care, since you can’t do missions. But I howevber am excited!

By the way, if you’re wondering why I haven’t released my CP name to you guys, it’s because,

A. I give out secrets that CP doens’t want me to give out.

B. I don’t want to be hacked.

C. I feel more special, running this as a “secret” penguin. But, I do have an account….so don’t worry.

Member Color Party!

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Today, was the awesome, and well awaited member color party. The winning color is LIME GREEN! Yippee! (Thats what I voted for *cough* cough*) The party was at the dojo, and if you weren’t a member so you didn’t get to see, I’ll describe. A huge, lime green bucket of paint, paint splattered everywhere, awesome new music, and free lime green paint and capes. Luckily, nonmembers still get a great taste of the party, next Friday, with the new clothing catalog.

I promise to add nonmember secrets like nubbing SOON! ^_^

November 19, 2006

Igloo Catalog Secrets

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-Click on door of split level igloo to access secret stone igloo, which can be purchased for 2000 coins.

-Click on chimmney of deluxe igloo, and you can buy deluxe secret stone igloo, which costs 5000 coins.

November Clothing Catalog Secrets

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-Click on the word WEAR in the Winter Wear, to get ski goggles, with cost 480 coins.

-Click on tan eyeglasses for black cowboy hat, which costs 250 coins.

-Click on feather boa penguin is wearing to get blue scarf, which costs 150.

-On last page, click X on player card, and penguin will adorn red viking hat. Click hat to get option to buy it for 750 coins. Click out of it, click on it again, click out of it, click onto it again, click out of it, click onto again, and this time it will ask if you want the BLUE viking hat, which costs 1200 coins.

November Furniture Catalog Secrets

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There aren’t any NEW secrets. Just press the picture of the oven, and you will be asked if you want to buy a 5000 coin, wide screen TV.

Grand Opening of The Club Penguin Tattler

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Please be patient with me, as I unveil all the secrets of club penguin, and work on my blog. It should be done in a few days! Feel free to check it out now though!


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