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December 23, 2006

Party Blabbin: Christmas 2006

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Gimmie a w00t w00t! Christmas is here, and that brings not only peace on earth, but a myriad of surprises on Club Penguin! ^_^ From the giant sleigh at the snow forts, to the huge christmas tree at the plaza, to the ice skating rink at the docks, this was BY FAR the best Club Penguin party yet (that I’ve been around for). Yes, fellow members, I believe this party exceeded the sports party, color party, birthday party, and halloween party, by a LONG LONG ways. Anyways…lets get down to buisness. You can find the free Santa Hat at the snow forts. Ho ho ho! You can find the Santa Beards in the plaza. You can find the new pin, (a candy cane), at the nightclub.



December 21, 2006

New Layout Fresh For The Holidays!

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I love this new layout….so I’m going to use it while winter is still going on….I’ll go back to my personal favorite (Rubric), soon though!

Careful! Thin Ice is OUT!

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“Thin Ice” the well awaited arcade game is OUT! You can find in it the Dance Lounge, on the left side of the room. Enjoy! 😉

December 17, 2006

Igloo Catalog Error

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Sorry everyone! There is indeed a secret in the igloo catalog. Click the word SNOW in the word snowglobe igloo if you want to purchase a secret stone igloo for 2000 coins! 😉

Christmas Pin! (Not so secret)

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This pin isn’t very secret! Just choose your favorite ornament from the 4 shown in the newspaper, click on it, buy it (50 coins), and you get a christmas tree pin! ^_^

December 16, 2006

Dec/Jan Furniture Catalog Secrets

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-Click on logs in fire if you would like to purchase a wood stove for 900 coins.

-Click on fish engraving on grandfather clock to buy a big screen TV for 5000 coins.

No secrets in igloo catalog this time! 😦

December 12, 2006

Changing Other Penguin’s Igloo’s and an Affiliation Notice

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Due to them not putting a link to this site on their site, (which is what affiliation is! Honestly, to many weird people in this world), I havbe replaced CPRUMORS with a new affiliation, which can be found on the Affiliates Page. Now, on to the part you actually care about, how to move stuff in other peoples igloos.

1. Go to your igloo.

2. Click on the door, and while you’re walking towards it, quickly click on the tape measure.

3. Click on member igloos when map appears.

4. Go to any igloo. When you get their, you, can movbe their stuff around! Good to use if your friend wants to see how you think their igloo should look. Take a nice screen shot when you’re done, and send it on over to them.

December 10, 2006

Fire Pin!

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New Pin Type: Firepit.

Where to get it: By fireplace in Ski Lodge.

Rockhopper Arrives!

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This is late, again, because my computer sucks. >.<

Red puffles can be found in puffle catalog for 800 coins, all other merchandise can be found in pirate ship.

Great Style Tip:

Wear admiral vest, bandana (or that one blue hat from the last time he came), eyepatch, and a red cape. It looks great. I’m serious! 😛

December 8, 2006

Red Puffles

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It is CONFIRMED! Red puffles have been sighted on Rockhopper’s ship! Nothing besides this has been confirmed. I personally won’t being buying one…I think puffles are a waste of money and space. But still enjoy them! ^_^

December 3, 2006

Our First Affiliate!

Filed under: General,Uncategorized — madelynewyear @ 3:22 pm has affilated with us! The site is on the new affiliates page. We also have another affiliate possibly coming in.

Anyway…. just thought you’d all want to know! ^_^

December 2, 2006

Secret Agent Mission Guide #2

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1)Tell G the word “MOGUL”

2 Enjoy sled test. You’ll end up dying.
3 Place ski and rope in inventory. Also pick up 0 Berries

4 Give black puffle an 0 berry.
5 Go to river and get log!
6 Drag and drop rope onto ski, and then put an O Berry on that for your baited fishing pole. Then catch a fish with it in river.
7 Get the pan out of tree by clicking many times on trunk.

8 Fill pan with water.
9 Go to cave. Click on any rock that you see by fire pit.
10 Set log and survival guide in fire.

11 Get puffle on top of fire, and feed him the last o berry you have.
12 Put fish on fire. Put pan on fire. Enjoy. You win!

December Clothing Catalog Secrets

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-Click on snowboarding helmet. Wait for letters to dissolve. Click on letters. Purchase red viking hat for 750 coins. Click on and off of it 3 times, to get blue one for 1200 coins.

-Click on hockey helmet to  buy ski goggles for 480 coins.

-Click on pizza to buy quilted vest, for 450 coins.

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