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February 12, 2007

Tattler No More

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Due to not being able to get into Club Penguin anymore because they have made it so it is utterly impossible to some with dial up to do popup window activities (newspaper, catalogs…), I am quitting Club Penguin, which has not only become unable to play, but childish and annoying because I they censor out EVERYTHING and no one ever knows what I am saying >.>

Since I’m deleting my CP account, I have no need to have this blog, so I shall be deleting it. I hope if you became to relient on my site here for all of your penguin tips, you will use one of my affiliates blogs instead. Farewell.


February 5, 2007

Teddy Bear Pin

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To find the newest pin (a teddy bear), go to the cave, which can be accessed from the porthole in the plaza. The pin is in the middle of the pool. 

Feburary 2007 Catalog Secrets

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-To have the choice to buy the Night Vision Goggles for 1000 coins, click on the left Snow Shoe.

-If you want the Red Viking Helmet for 750 coins, you have to click on all the stars, one by one on the Star Necklace and then click on the helmet.

-If you want the Blue Viking Helmet for 1200 coins, click in and out of the Red Viking Helmet window 3 times.

-For the new and special Gold Viking Helmet for 1500 coins, get into the blue viking helmet box and then click on the Tiara.

-Click on the top of Backpack for the Newspaper Hat for 50 coins.

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