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February 5, 2007

Feburary 2007 Catalog Secrets

Filed under: Catalog Secrets — madelynewyear @ 5:32 am

-To have the choice to buy the Night Vision Goggles for 1000 coins, click on the left Snow Shoe.

-If you want the Red Viking Helmet for 750 coins, you have to click on all the stars, one by one on the Star Necklace and then click on the helmet.

-If you want the Blue Viking Helmet for 1200 coins, click in and out of the Red Viking Helmet window 3 times.

-For the new and special Gold Viking Helmet for 1500 coins, get into the blue viking helmet box and then click on the Tiara.

-Click on the top of Backpack for the Newspaper Hat for 50 coins.



  1. I love this website!!! Its sooo cool!!!!!

    Comment by Bella914 — February 6, 2007 @ 11:29 pm | Reply

  2. i know a glitch if you press the + button while walking the whole screen turns fuzzy if you want it back hit te + button again.

    Comment by ash — February 9, 2007 @ 3:18 am | Reply

  3. They fixed that

    Comment by blahblahsheblah — February 9, 2007 @ 3:39 pm | Reply

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