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December 2, 2006

Secret Agent Mission Guide #2

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1)Tell G the word “MOGUL”

2 Enjoy sled test. You’ll end up dying.
3 Place ski and rope in inventory. Also pick up 0 Berries

4 Give black puffle an 0 berry.
5 Go to river and get log!
6 Drag and drop rope onto ski, and then put an O Berry on that for your baited fishing pole. Then catch a fish with it in river.
7 Get the pan out of tree by clicking many times on trunk.

8 Fill pan with water.
9 Go to cave. Click on any rock that you see by fire pit.
10 Set log and survival guide in fire.

11 Get puffle on top of fire, and feed him the last o berry you have.
12 Put fish on fire. Put pan on fire. Enjoy. You win!


November 28, 2006

Ice Fishing Secret

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How to Catch Big Fish: Keep the last little fish you caught in the water, until he comes, and the big fish will eat the little fish and you’ve CAUGHT ‘IM!

P.S. My computer won’t load mission, I keep trying, but it’ll take awhile till I’m lucky enough for it to do so. I am sorry, but my mission guide might be a few days late.

November 25, 2006

Newspaper Secret Agent Secret Message!

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Okay, I had to bring this to you guys as FAST as I could. Now, I don’t know if you guys areĀ  allowed to do this if you aren’t secret agents, since I am, but in the newspaper, if you go to Aunt Arctic, you’ll find a pic of a penguin holding a top secret file. CLICK ON THAT FILE! You’ll be shown a secret message. You COULD decode it, but that takes to long (trust me, I did). Instead, look here here for what it says.


Now, if you aren’t an agent, you probvably don’t care, since you can’t do missions. But I howevber am excited!

By the way, if you’re wondering why I haven’t released my CP name to you guys, it’s because,

A. I give out secrets that CP doens’t want me to give out.

B. I don’t want to be hacked.

C. I feel more special, running this as a “secret” penguin. But, I do have an account….so don’t worry.

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